The Feast of the Epiphany Successfully Kicks-off Carnival


Approximately 60 festive diners gathered at Cafe Degas for a Feast of the Epiphany to benefit the Slow Food New Orleans garden in Faubourg St. John. We would like to thank everyone that made this evening a delicious success, including:

      Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association
      Cafe Degas
      Republic National Distributing Company
      Anna Marie Seafood
      Cleaver & Co
      Naturally Preserved

We especially want to thank Linda Landesburg of FSJNA. without whom this evening would never have been possible.

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Slow Food Garden Harvest

farmThe Slow Food New Orleans garden in Faubourg St. John just produced its first harvest of greens that were immediately sold to neighborhood restaurants Pagoda Cafe and 1,000 Figs. Revenue created by the sale of produce will support the garden and eventually fund a Slow Food Garden in Africa. Please contact Gary Granata if you are interested in volunteering in the garden … and please visit Pagoda and 1,000 Figs for some Good, Clean & Fair Food.

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Growing the Green

Grow Dat

Our good friends at Grow Dat Youth Farm just launched their annual Growing the Green campaign. These fabulous holiday gift cards allow you to share Grow Dat’s incredible work with friends and family.

Growing the GreenGrow Dat’s Jabari Brown was a Slow Food New Orleans delegate to Terra Madre and will be sharing his stories & experiences at our Terra Madre Day celebration. Please support Grow Dat as they are a beautiful of example of how Good, Clean and Fair Food can change the lives of New Orleans’ youth.

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Come Work in the Slow Food Garden


Thursdays & Sundays at 6p
The Slow Food Garden is located at the corner of N. Dupre and St. Philip in Faubourg St. John. Come join us in the garden each Thursday and Sunday as the sun goes down and help grow some Good, Clean & Fair food. Be sure to dress appropriately with closed-toe shoes, hat, gloves and loose fitting light colored clothes. You can see more of the garden in this short video shot by garden neighbor Cynthia Scott.

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Slow Food NOLA Community Garden

gardenWinter has finally yielded a few pleasant days & we have been getting to work at the Slow Food NOLA garden, located at the corner of St. Philip and N. Dupre in Faubourg St. John. The garden will grow seasonal foods and flowers for sale at local markets and to be freely picked by neighbors in the community. Proceeds from the sale of produce will, in part, go towards Slow Food NOLA’s effort to adopt a Slow Food Garden in Africa. Please contact Slow Food NOLA chair Gary Granata if you are interested in volunteering in the garden.

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Slow Food Youth Network Retreat at the Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo


Slow Food NOLA will be hosting a Slow Food Youth Network Retreat May 12-19. Approximately 20-25 college age Slow Food Youth leaders will come to New Orleans to explore our incredible food culture and also staff the Slow Food NOLA Food Demonstration Stage at the Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo. The retreat will feature a tour of the disappearing wetlands and coast so that our future leaders can experience the devastation that is due, in large part, to our broken industrialized food system. The youth will also independently explore and volunteer at numerous establishments and agencies around town that exemplify and promote Good, Clean and Fair Food. Please contact Gary Granata if you are interested in volunteering with the retreat. We will soon announce our expanded role at the Boogaloo.

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Slow Food Container Garden at the Raphael Academy


Slow Food NOLA recently built a container garden at the Raphael Academy, a new Camphill inspired school for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The garden will grow seasonal vegetables, herbs and flowers with an emphasis on Ark of Taste products.

Slow Food NOLA will be serving Gumbo Z’herbes at the Raphael Academy’s Soraparu Soiree, Saturday April 5, 7p at 517 Soraparu. Please make plans to support a great school, eat some fabulous food and see the 2nd garden created by Slow Food NOLA.

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SlowBoys named Winners at the Oak Street PoBoy Fest!

Slow Food NOLA’s SlowBoys won best PoBoy in two categories at the November 24 Oak Street Po-Boy Festival. Our Roast Beef & Fried Potato SlowBoy was named Best Beef PoBoy while our Chaurice & Kimchi SlowBoy won Best Sausage PoBoy. The not-so-secret ingredients to this success were the fabulous meat provided & prepared by Cleaver & Co and the incredible crusty handcrafted bread from Bellegarde Bakery. Our Kale, Sweet Potato & Basil SlowBoy might have made it 3 for 3 had the fest judged a veggie category. Thanks to all of the volunteers who braved the cold and windy conditions to champion Good, Clean & Fair Food at New Orleans’ largest food festival.

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Creole Cream Cheese Week

October 18-27, 2013

Mayor Landrieu has proclaimed October 18-27 as Creole Cream Cheese Week. The following restaurants will be featuring Creole Cream Cheese in a dish for this 10-day week:




Domenica Logo

high_ res_ fins_logo_


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The Need for Slow Food in Coastal Louisiana

New Orleans sits on a crescent shaped bend of the Mississippi River, approximately 90 miles from where the great muddy river empties into the Gulf of Mexico.   The alluvial soil, on which the Crescent City is built, was deposited over several millennia as the mighty river shifted and meandered to form the boot of Southern Louisiana.   French explorers, commissioned in the mid-1600’s to explore the river in search of a suitable site for the port, reported seeing 300 ft tall cypress trees and herds of buffalo at the mouth of the great river.   These cypress giants, with their network of roots or “knees”, would catch the river’s silt as the land continuously grew into the gulf.  As recent as the early 1900’s, 40+ miles of cypress swamps stood between New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico.  These swamps created an impenetrable fortress against hurricanes as 1 mile of cypress swamp will absorb up to 1 foot of storm surge. Read more ›

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